The origin of Fade 2 Black Productions, a Boca Raton video production and YouTube marketing service, begins with the tale of two young college students. Zachery D. Powell and Daniel J. Sanz met at Florida Atlantic University, working as directors in the distance learning and broadcast department. After a few character building semesters, the two young lads discovered a handful of freelance video opportunities and, bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, they decided to join forces.

This synergy has become the core value at Fade 2 Black. Zachery and Daniel avoid the assembly line approach and recognize that each project is unique and requires videos with a personal touch. Customers are not simply "clients" but are rather considered part of the production family. 

Reliable video production is critical and Fade 2 Black Productions works hard to give each project the individualized attention it deserves.


Today, Fade 2 Black Productions focuses on staying educated and bringing new and exciting video solutions to customers, including the production of customized video campaigns on YouTube, the world’s most powerful online video platform.

Become a part of the family and create your vision together with a team you can trust!


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The People of Fade 2 Black

The People of Fade 2 Black



As a wee boy, Daniel grew up creating stories in a variety of mediums, which resulted in a closet full of homemade board games, comics, flip books, video game layouts (he’d worry about the program part later), over ambitious novels, and scripts to multiple projects.

Today that same creative young lad still resides in the man that devotes his creative energy to his work.  Teaming up with Zachery, they work together to bring creative expression and production expertise to their customers.


Executive Producer

Zachery channeled his production powers early as a young boy when he commandeered his ZACHERY D. POWELL Father’s camcorder and went to work on his masterpieces (which may have included stop motion animation and non-union Lego actors).


Not limited to just the creative aspects of production, Zachery has a great understanding of the technical and logistical side of the video industry. Today Zachery he sits at the helm of Fade 2 Black and puts his effort into blazing new trails of video production as it continues to drive into the digital and internet era.