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New Commercial - Teddy’s Wing Shack

Fade 2 Black Productions, Inc. has recently completed work on a new television commercial for Teddy’s Wing Shack, in West Palm Beach.

We were very pleasantly surprised with the quality of food and service that Teddy’s had to offer, which is why we are making this post. Teddy’s Wing Shack offers a sports bar in a Key West style tiki hut atmosphere, with both indoor and outdoor seating. What really stood out to us was the food. In a word, it’s “amazing”.

Now reopened after a hiatus, Teddy’s is headed by a new award winning chef who has really pushed the food beyond what we expected. Plates are arranged in a beautiful presentation, are offered in generous portions, and they have a rather wide menu of options.

We had the pleasure of tasting every plate of food we filmed for the commercial, and we can honestly say you’ll be hard pressed to find a wing place that can rival Teddy’s. Beyond just the wings, the burgers, ribs, hot dogs, and even the chicken tenders and waffles topped with bacon and maple syrup are all worth trying.

The staff is incredibly friendly and were excellent sports even though we constantly got in their way with camera gear and filming, they still did everything they could to make sure we were comfortable and fed.

All the customers in the commercial are real patrons, and the little kid’s face as he’s eating the wings is genuine and should say it all.

Teddy’s is located at 1632 S Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33415. Check them out at Teddy's Wing Shack and tell them Fade 2 Black sent you!

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