Updated: May 28, 2019

Fade 2 Black Productions announces the release of “Kickass Dojo: Start a Martial Arts School and Run a Kickass Program”.

This video workshop was produced in partnership with Senior Professor Fred Mergen, a 7th Degree Black Belt in the American Kenpo Karate system. Opening and operating a martial arts school is a difficult task, and it is one of the hardest businesses to keep open. Many families view martial arts as a luxury so during times of financial hardships, exercise and martial art contracts are usually amongst the first expenses to be cut.

This video has been constructed to guide a martial art entrepreneur in the logistics of opening school, how to attract students and keep the school running, and even gives advice on how to interact and connect with the students.

The video is composed of two parts:

The first part covers the preparation needed to open a school, what to look for when finding the right location, basic floorplan setups for the school, recommended teaching equipment, organizing a curriculum schedule, and how to present the school to new potential students.

The second part goes through interaction with the students, how to make them feel good and that they are getting a good value from your program, first impressions with students, effective methods of teaching, how to use student helpers, how to handle misbehaving or disruptive students, how to deal with challenging parents, and how to hire and manage instructors.

This video is applicable to ANY martial art and it is an essential tool for anyone interested in opening their own school, or those who want to improve the business of the school they already have.

“Kickass Dojo: Start a Martial Arts School an Run a Kickass Program” is available as a digital download on Vimeo (15% discount code “blackbelt2016” good until December 31, 2016), or on DVD disc.

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