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YouTube Video Marketing

Fade 2 Black’s YouTube marketing service takes advantage of the greatest sales potential on the internet; the “search bar”. Many companies will post their commercials into their YouTube channels and expect them to bring the same result as when they are on TV. The hard truth is however, that most people don’t go online to seek out advertising. Instead most users are seeking answers for a question or solutions for a problem

This is where the power of online video comes in. Fade 2 Black Productions will produce a series of videos that are focused on providing information about your industry. The videos will answer frequently asked questions, feature top 5 or top ten lists, testimonials, and provide tips to viewers. This gives value and reason to viewers to continue to watch or learn more about your business.


Benefits of YouTube Marketing

Viewer Engagement – Various studies have shown that 60% or more visitors to a website will watch a video before reading any text. Consumer surveys also show that more than 70% of viewers were left with a positive impression of the brand after watching and were more likely to purchase than those who had not watched.

Customer Trust – A visitor is researching lawnmowers and comes across your video that lists “The Top 5 Features of a Great Lawnmower”. They watch and the video explains exactly what they should be looking for and how to get their money’s worth and you’ve used your lawnmowers to demonstrate. You have just left an impression. They see you as an expert, you’ve given them information and your brand is now fresh in their mind. This builds a level of trust with your customers more than a print ad or television commercial ever could.

Traffic and Subscribers – The more videos you release the more viewer engagement you invite. Multiple videos covering different topics in your industry will cast a much wider net on what customers are searching for. If someone likes your video, chances are they will watch more videos in your library and possibly subscribe. Additionally, search engines love activity and releasing videos consistently will increase your exposure.

Why YouTube?

Simply put, YouTube is the most powerful video platform on the internet. It is the second largest search engine and the largest video search engine. It has a variety of editing tools, publication optiWhy YouTube?Why YouTube?ons, SEO abilities, and the world’s largest viewer base.

Professional Commercials

Whether broadcasting on television or online, commercial videos are still one of the most powerful advertising tools available. Media stands out and video has a higher attention capture rate than print or radio.

Put your brand in the spotlight with Fade 2 Black’s commercial video services. Our award winning production offers a host of flexible and resourceful production options

  • Conceptualization

  • Producing

  • Directing

  • Script Writing

  • Storyboarding

  • Graphic Design

  • Production Scheduling

  • Filming

  • Audio Recording

  • Editing

  • Motion Graphics

  • Voice Overs

  • Color grading

  • Encoding to all standard industry formats

Fade 2 Black can accommodate broadcast standard :10, :15, :30, and :60 second spots for both commercial videos and direct response videos.


 Promotional Videos

Engage your viewers and give them a better look at your product or service with a variety of flexible promotional videos.

  • Company walkthroughs

  • Fundraising videos

  • Educational videos

  • “How to” videos

  • Product demonstrations

  • Promotions and specials

  • Trade show videos

  • Event coverage and highlights


Interviews are quite literally the face of your project and often serve as the narrative to the entire video. Fade 2 Black Productions can provide you with professional interview services whether you need testimonials, full narration, or are out of time and need a local crew to interview a person of interest.